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It wouldn’t be Lynchburg Music Fest without our vendors. We are looking to welcome vendors into the new Lynchburg Music Fest family because they are so important in creating the right environment, with that being said, we have to choose with care.  We can’t accept everyone who wants to vend with us and our guidelines are fairly strict. However, we anticipate that our vendors find it’s worth it to work with us. You’ll reach a large audience with money to spend



Products. Our attendees love high-quality, handmade, and local products. We are not local-only or handmade-only; however, if your company has an eco-friendly philosophy, so much the better.

Food. We only allow the sale of alcohol, iced tea, soda, and bottled water through the festival itself. We rely on our vendors to provide a diverse menu of other high-quality food and beverage options. Those who include vegetarian fare will be given priority.

Presentation. The atmosphere is so important that we’re selective about vendor booth presentation. We’re looking for companies that project an image that’s unique, creative, clever, maybe a little off-beat and quirky-but also high-end. We aren’t looking for a “carnival” or “fairground” vibe.

Attitude. If your staff is made up of professional, friendly individuals who are passionate music lovers themselves, that’s the ideal situation. Your staff will have fun at the festival, and it will show.

Experience. We prefer vendors who have done this kind of thing before. If this is your first time and you’re a great fit for us, we may take you on anyway. We do ask that you read the guidelines carefully and come prepared.



Booth acceptance is based on the understanding that you will sell only those items listed on your application. You may not sell any additional items without our express written consent. In addition, those items we specify you may not sell must be omitted from your product line. In this case, we will contact you before depositing your booth fee.

Vendors may not sell any item with the Lynchburg Music Fest (LMF) logo without the express written consent of LMF upon purchase of Trademark & Licensing permit. Additionally, you may not sell any item with the name or image of any act playing the festival.


You may not sell… Drug Paraphernalia, tobacco of any kind, glow or flashing items. Art vendors may not sell food or drink. Food vendors may only sell food.

Food vendors may NOT sell alcoholic beverages or bottled water.


We wish to offer a high quality mix of food and crafts. Our emphasis is on quality hand-made and/or local items, though we are NOT a ‘hand- crafters only’ or ‘local only’ event. LMF is a juried festival and we pick booths based on, but not limited to, the following criteria:

• Hand-made or hand designed product.

• Unique, creative and quality merchandise.

• Our desire to offer a quality assortment of merchandise.

• Vendor community and/or county residency.


Booth placement is based on, but not limited to, the following:

• Receipt of payment.

• Our desire to offer a quality assortment of merchandise.

Please do not contact us to request a specific space. They are all great spots!

Vendors are placed at the sole discretion of LMF staff & placement during load-in is final.


Pricing Sheet HERE:


Every accepted vendor will receive the following, for each booth space purchased:

Art: 2 weekend/working passes & 1 vendor parking pass

Snack/Entrée: 4 weekend/working passes & 2 vendor parking passes – Passes will be supplied during load in, once vendors have checked in. We cannot be responsible for getting your passes to your staff. You must make these arrangements.  No passes will be held at will-call or by vendor relations staff. If you have extra employees, you will have to purchase additional employee wristbands. Additional wristbands will be available for purchase from your vendor coordinator during/after check-in.