Q: What can guests bring in?

  • Chairs (Unsleeved)

  • Bags must be see through

  • Plastic & aluminum bottles (No glass)

Q: When are Will Call hours? 

Prior to the event 8/12/2019 - 8/22/2019

M-F  11:00AM - 6:00PM

SAT  10:00AM - 2:00PM


Event Dates 8/23/2019 - 8/24/2019

FRI  7:00AM - 7:00PM

SAT 7:00AM - 7:00PM

Q: Where is Will Call location / Where do I pick up my passes? 

241 Main St

Lynchburg, TN 37352

Q: What are guests not allowed to bring?

A. Bad Attitudes

B. Coolers...NO COOLERS

C. Weapons (duh)

D. Outside alcohol

E. No Visible Alcohol or Open Containers

Q:  Will alcohol be served?

A:  A Festival Permit has been approved by the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) for the
Lynchburg Music Fest on August 23 rd and August 24th of 2019. TABC is the legal entity that controls all
alcohol sales except for beer within the State of Tennessee. This TABC Festival Permit allows Lynchburg
Music Fest to serve non-beer alcoholic beverages (Liquor and Wine) inside the secured and controlled
event location during the festival only. Beer will not be permitted at festival, as that is controlled by the


Q:  Will alcohol be allowed in the park

A:  No visible or open containers will be allowed


Q: Is photography allowed?

A: Unauthorized professional photography is prohibited.  Video photography for anything other than personal use is prohibited.


Q: How can someone get a photography pass?

A: Info@Lynchburgmusicfest.com


Q: Where is Will Call, and what time will it open?

A:Yes. At  the box office. 241 Main Street.


Q: What happens if it rains the weekend of the festival?

A: This is a rain or shine event


Q: What should guest do if they lost items at the festival?

A: Lost and found will be at the box office


Q: Are children allowed? Do they receive free admission?

A: Yes. 12 and under are free!


Q: Is re-entry into the festival allowed?

A: Yes with a valid wristband

Q: If guests have a comment, suggestion, or complaint who can they talk to?

A: Info@Lynchburgmusicfest.com

Disabilities, Medical, Safety

Q: Does Lynchburg provide access for persons with disabilities (parking, stage area seating, sign language, wheelchair accessibility, service animals, etc.)?

A: Yes. at the 241 Mains Street entrance.

Q: Where can guests with disabilities find information about access assistance?

A: Coming Soon


Q: What should guests do in the event of a medical emergency?

A: Coming Soon

Ticketing Questions

Q: Can tickets be purchased on-site? If so, will credit card payment be an option?

A: Yes, and yes


Q: What is included in VIP packages?


  • 2 Drink Vouchers for each day

  • Designated parking close to the location

  • Private entrance

  • VIP area near the stage (Insert MAp)

  • VIP lounge (American Craft Distillery) with Air Conditioning, Smoking area out back,

  • Merch TBD

  • Swag Bag - Sponsor Products

  • Food Voucher - 2 Meals per day

Q: Are meet and greets available?

A: Yes. 

Q: Are there discounts available for: military, first responders, senior citizens, etc ?

A: Yes. 10% - 20%

Active Military

20% Discount

Active Military ID must be shown at pickup

Will call only, all guests on order must be present at the time of pickup

Limit of 4 tickets per order, VIP or GA


First Responder - Police/Fire/EMS/Retired Military/Veterans

10% Discount

First Responder/Military ID must be shown at pickup

Will call only, all guests on order must be present at the time of pickup

Limit of 4 tickets per order, VIP or GA


Q: Are group ticket discounts available?

A: No

Perform, Work, Sponsor

Q: How can my band play at the festival?

A: info@lynchburgmusicfest.com


Q: How can I work at Lynchburg music fest?

A: info@lynchburgmusicfest.com

Q: My business would like to partner with the event. Who do I contact?

A: info@lynchburgmusicfest.com


Travel and Lodging

Q: What hotels are in the area?




Q: Can I camp at the festival?




Q: Will there be a shuttle service from the hotel/camps to the festival?




Q: Where can I park, and parking cost?




Q: Will there be shuttles to and from off-site parking lots?




Q: How can media credentials be gained for this festival?


A:  info@lynchburgmusicfest.com

Bag Policy

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