Q: What can guests bring in?

  • Chairs (Unsleeved)

  • Bags must be see-through

  • Plastic & aluminum bottles (No glass)

  • Strollers (pockets will be checked when going through security)

Q: What are guests not allowed to bring?

  • Bad Attitudes

  • Umbrellas

  • Weapons (duh)

  • Outside alcohol

  • Coolers...NO COOLERS

Q: What is the address of the festival site?

 1615 Louse Creek Rd, Mulberry, TN 37359

Q: What are the gate times?

  • Friday, October 2: Gates open at 4PM and close at 11 PM

  • Saturday, October 3: Gates open at 11AM and close at 11PM

  • Sunday,  October 4: Gates open at 11AM  and close at 11PM

Q: What time does the music start?

  • Friday, October 2: 4:30 PM

  • Saturday, October 3: 12 PM

  • Sunday,  October 4: 12 PM

Q: Where is Will Call, and what time are box office hours?

A. Will Call will be located at 1615 Louse Creek Rd, Mulberry, TN 37359.

Wednesday, September 30: 10 AM - 6 PM
October 1: 10 AM
 - 6 PM
October 2: 2 PM - 10 PM
October 3: 10:30 AM - 10:30 PM
October 4: 10:30 AM - 10:30 PM

Q: Is photography allowed?

 A: Unauthorized professional photography is prohibited. Video photography for anything other than personal use is prohibited.

Q: What happens if it rains the weekend of the festival?

A: This is a rain or shine event.


Q: What should guests do if they lost items at the festival?

A: The lost and found will be at the box office 1615 Louse Creek Rd, Mulberry, TN 37359.

Q: Are children allowed? Do they receive free admission?

A: Yes. 12 and under are free!

Q: Is re-entry into the festival allowed?

A: Yes with valid credentials. We will not be replacing credentials if lost.

Q: If guests have a comment, suggestion, or complaint who can they talk to?

A: Info@Lynchburgmusicfest.com

Disabilities, Medical, Safety

Q: Does Lynchburg provide access for persons with disabilities (parking, stage area seating, sign language, wheelchair accessibility, service animals, etc.)

A: Yes. at the main entrance.  There will be designated ADA parking and shuttle services for individuals with disabilities. There will also be designated ADA viewing areas in the event. 

Q: What should guests do in the event of a medical emergency

A: 1. Pray. 2. Go to our designated safety and medical center. 

Ticketing Questions

Q: Can tickets be purchased on-site? If so, will credit card payment be an option?

A: Yes, and yes!

Q: Are there discounts available for military and first responders? 

A: Yes, we have a 15% discount for all military, law enforcement, and first responders on all GA, VIP, and Camping Passes. This applies to all Military/Police/Fire/EMS/Retired Military/Veterans. Use the instructions below to get your promo code:⁠

1. Login/register at GovX: bit.ly/LMFGovX⁠
2. Enter your email to retrieve your promo code⁠ in your inbox
3. Copy/paste the code into the "Promo Section" during ticket checkout⁠

Q: Want to upgrade tickets (other ticketing issues)

A: For ticket purchasing issues and for upgrade options/availability, please contact Front Gate Tickets Customer Service at order-support@frontgatetickets.com OR 888.512.SHOW (Monday-Saturday, 9 AM - 9 PM CST and Sunday 9 AM to 6 PM CST).

Q: Are group ticket discounts available?

 A: Yes, see the ticketing page HERE for more details.

Perform, Work, Sponsor

Q: How can my band play at the festival?

A: All lineup spots have been filled at this time.

Q: How can I work at Lynchburg Music Fest?

A: Details and link will be provided soon… stay tuned! 

Q: My business would like to partner with the event. Who do I contact?

A: info@lynchburgmusicfest.com

Q: When are media request due by?

All media requests must be submitted by Tuesday, September 29, 2020. All submissions must be approved by artist and festivals representatives. No additional media requests will be accepted after September 29th.

Travel and Lodging

Q.  Where is camping?

A: Onsite.

Q: Can I camp at the festival?


Q.  When can campers start parking?

  • Friday, October 2: 11 AM

  • Saturday, October 3: 8 AM

  • Sunday,  October 4: 8 AM

Q.  When do campers have to leave by? Are there special hours for VIP Campers?

A. Campers need to leave by Monday at 12 PM. There are no special hours for VIP Camping.

Q.  RV hookups available?

A. No hookups will be provided.

Q. Are there camping amenities? 

A: Yes, there will be showers, parking, vendors, alcohol policy at campsites, etc. onsite.


Q: What hotels are in the area?

A: List coming soon!

Q: Will there be a shuttle service from the hotel/camps to the festival?

A: No.


Performance and Event Details 

Q.  How many stages are there?

A. 3 Stages. We will have a Main Stage, Secondary Stage, and Stage in Songcrafters SpeakEasy Tent.

Q.  What is the Songcrafters SpeakEasy tent? What are the benefits/amenities?

A. This is for VIP Select, Exclusive/BIg Sponsors & Partners, Media, Industry Professionals, and Songwriters only.  See VIP select ticket amenities for details HERE.  There will be appearances from Main Stage Artists, Legendary Hit Songwriters, and Industry Works Professionals.  Snacks and Drinks will be provided in the tent.  

Q  Have there been changes, upgrades, and/or improvements for the 2020 festival?

A. Too many to quantify.... lol  
Location change, beer sales, multiple whiskey brands to emphasize "where music meets whiskey", different ticket options/levels, cheaper ticket prices, additional genres for diversity, less number of bands performing,  higher level of talent, a larger festival footprint, less law enforcement, different private security contractor internally, more sponsors, more ticket affiliates, camping on site, more camping options, RV onsite, and an October 1 Igniter Album Release Party. 

Q.  Alcohol policy?

A. We will have the ability to sell and serve both beer AND spirits this year! 

Q.  How much is parking?

A. GA parking will be $20/day or $40/weekend. VIP parking is free.

Q.  Is the LMF's genre focus still country and bluegrass?

 A:  This year we will be adding diversity to the lineup as far as genres go.  We will be adding Americana, classic rock/southern rock, and Red Dirt Country.

Q.  Activities and on-site amenities?

A. There will be craft vendors, activities, free water stations and more to come. 

Q.  Are there any physical locations to purchase tickets?

A:  Currently tickets are on sale at the American Craft Distillery in Lynchburg.  As more sponsors come on board we will have more ticket affiliates but you can also purchase tickets online HERE

Q.  When can we expect more artist announcements/full lineup announce?

A. We will announce the rest of the lineup by September 1! 

Q.  How many artists/bands will be on the lineup?

A. There will be roughly 25 artists playing at Lynchburg Music Fest this year.

Q. What are the details on the "Road to Lynchburg"? Which day will the winner perform on the main-stage?

 A: 1st place will perform on the main stage on Saturday, and Second Place on Friday.  They will also play in the songcrafters tent. 

*Backpacks are allowed but they will be extensively searched

Bag Policy